The Works

How long has it been since you have dedicated an hour to relaxing? You can take a step back from your asshole of a boss, kids driving you crazy, and mile long to do list. "The Works" is our most relaxing service package. We start off with your tailored to suit haircut, and move into our "cowboy" room. There you will decide between a paraffin hand dip, or a hot lather neck shave. The paraffin hand dip will impress the special lady in your life, leaving your hands and cuticles feeling soft, and moisturized. Kick up your feet and relax while we remove the paraffin, giving you an enjoyable hand and arm massage. The neck shave starts with a relaxing neck massage, then applying a hot steamed towel, and shave gel. We use a straight razor to achieve the closest of shaves, leaving your hairline and neck looking as polished as your new haircut. Both options come with a deep cleansing shampoo and conditioning treatment, intense scalp and face massage, topping it off with a hot steamed towel. Afterwards we bring you back to reality, making sure you understand how to maintain your haircut and style with a hands on styling session. So even if you aren't ready to conquer your to do list, you will look handsome, and feel like a new man.

The Works - $45-60$

If you can’t decide between hands or neck or just want it all, not a problem. You don’t have to choose. Enjoy both the hand dip and neck shave plus the massages that go along with them.

The Works Plus - $55-65$

The Works is so popular that we have had many clients request to come in just for the relaxation treatment part of The Works, sans the haircut. To meet our clients request we have added this service to our menu. You can now enjoy the Works Plus minus the cut in between haircut appointments.

Works Plus WITHOUT haircut - $30

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