You've been getting these itchy, awkward, sometimes awful things your entire life. For the first time, why don't you try enjoying a haircut?

Chances are, you have been getting the same haircut for most of your life. Do trust, we will let you know if its time for something new. Hell, you may even bring a photo of what you want. If you choose to do that, we will probably laugh at you, but it doesn't hurt to have a few ideas. Honestly, this is our specialty. We know what haircut looks good, we know what haircut is outdated. We aren't being mean, just honest. Our goal is to make you feel and look good. We would never let you leave here looking anything less than your best. You are a walking billboard. So seriously, sit back and relax. Enjoy a haircut, and afterwards a relaxing shampoo, tingly conditioning treatment, and a step by step "how to maintain this look" styling session.

Haircut - $30-45

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