Beard & Mustache Services

We offer a "Kitchen clean" for existing clients. A "kitchen clean" is the easiest way to maintain your look when you don't really need a full haircut. We will clean up those bushy sideburns, around your ears, and shave straight razor shave your neck!

Kitchen Clean - $15

Get your neck as smooth and clean as possible with a straight razor neck shave. Pre-shave oil is massaged into the neck to soften the hair, then a hot towel is placed on the neck and then then neck is shaved smooth. This service can be added to any haircut or as a stand alone service.

Neck Shave - $10

Mustache and beard maintenance is pretty important, and not always the easiest task to handle alone. Let us clean you up, even everything out, and give you a few pointers on how to maintain that look between services. You cant always get it right, but we can. This can be a stand alone service or added to any of our other services.

Beard & Mustache Maintenance - $15

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